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Gennady Smolyakov, Ph.D.

smolyakovGennady Smolyakov, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Center for High Technology Materials

Dr. Smolyakov’s research interests are in the areas of semiconductor injection lasers, physics and simulation of semiconductor quantum-well and quantum-dot devices, colloidal quantum dots, radiation detection, and plasmonic solar water splitting. Dr. Smolyakov and his co-inventors have proposed a new concept of ultrafast transmitters for 4G and 5G wireless networks and data centers, based on strongly injection-locked semiconductor ring lasers. The successful demonstration of the concept has the potential for huge societal impact by increasing the transmission capacity of fiber-based networks to at least 100 Gbit/s per channel without any multiplexing, pushing us closer towards a truly Networked Society.

9,054,492 Light-Emitting Device Having Photon-Lifetime Modulation, issued June 9, 2015
9,644,141 Halide-Based Scintillator Nanomaterial, issued May 9, 2017
9,116,246 Thermal Neutron Detectors Based on Gadolinium-Containing Nanoscintillators, issued August 25, 2015
8,680,469 Nanocrystalline Optically-based Neutron Irradiation History Sensor, issued March 25, 2014
8,431,041 Halide-Based Scintillator Nanomaterial, issued April 30, 2013
8,009,712 Light-Emitting Device Having Injection-Lockable Semiconductor Ring Laser Monolithically Integrated with Master Laser, issued August 30, 2011

Ring Laser Integrated with Silicon-On-Insulator Waveguide
Method for Generating Single Picosecond Optical Pulses with Substantially Suppressed Transient Emission Tail in Semiconductor Diode Lasers
Light-Emitting Device Having Self-Cooled Semiconductor Laser
Optically Cooled Platform for Thermal Management Applications