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UNM Students Develop Innovative Dome

Albuquerque, NM – March 31, 2014 Students working in UNM’s interdisciplinary ARTS (Art, Research, Technology and Science) Lab program have created a new type of dome projection surface technology for use in digital graphics and motion capture systems. Called the iDome and developed over the last few years, the new dome technology is portable with a more integrated and simpler computer system and is already drawing commercial interest.

The students were led by Dr. Tim B. Castillo, Associate Professor at the School of Architecture and Planning and the Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media Program, and Director of the ARTS Lab, an interdisciplinary digital media laboratory, at the University of New Mexico. The ARTS Lab, located 1 block west of University Blvd. at 1601 Central Avenue, is housed in the Digital Garage, a black box space outfitted to support performance, experimentation and research in digital graphics, sound, and real-time immersive projection systems. The Garage’s major resources include a 15-foot diameter hemispheric domed projection surface built in partnership with the LodeStar Astronomy Center, a large-scaled motion capture system, and a sizable green-screen environment. The ARTS Lab supports experimental artistic research and production through emerging technologies. It is an innovative interdisciplinary center that crosses over and connects art, science, business and technology. It’s mission is to become a key catalyst for the education and research that will grow and sustain an advanced media industry in New Mexico. The ARTS Lab recently received the 2013 International Digital Media Association’s Innovative Program Award from the International Digital Media & Arts Association (iDMAa).

To read more about the iDome, see Dan Mayfield’s March 25th article, “UNM ARTS Lab Creates Portable Dome,” from Albuquerque Business First, linked below.

UNM ARTS Lab creates portable dome

Source: Albuquerque Business First

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Dan Mayfield
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