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STC VentureLab Tenant and UNM Doctoral Student’s Technology for Predicting Stream Flow Levels Is Highly Accurate

Michael Wallace of Michael Wallace and Associates and a tenant in STC’s Cecchi VentureLab is developing a new modeling technology predicting water flow levels in streams.  The technology has shown a 98 percent accuracy rate for predicting the 10 year trailing average of stream flows in New Mexico nine months in advance by tracking warm and cold spots in the ocean.  Mr. Wallace is a doctoral student in the interdisciplinary Nanoscience & Microsystems program in UNM’s School of Engineering and College of Arts & Sciences.  To view more about the technology, see Eric Green’s July 25, 2015 interview, “UNM Research: New Streamflow Forecast,” at KOAT Channel 7 News online at http://www.koat.com/news/unm-research-new-streamflow-forecast/34356942.