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New Water Treatment Technology Is Real Advancement for Industry

Researchers at the University of New Mexico have collaborated with colleagues at the University of Bologna to develop a new technology to treat wastewater and saline water.  The invention will substantially reduce operational costs for water treatment plants.  The invention is an integrated bio-electrochemical system, a microbial fuel cell that cleans water and generates electricity simultaneously.  The system avoids using the harmful and expensive chemicals and high energy consumption that conventional methods use for treating waste and saline water.   The technology was developed by Distinguished Professor Plamen Atanassov, Research Associate Professor Alexey Serov and Research Assistant Professor Carlo Santoro from the University of New Mexico and Associate Professors Catia Arbizzani and Francesca Soavi from the University of Bologna.  See the technology video below.

For more information on the technology, contact Arlene Mirabal, STC.UNM Marketing Coordinator, at amirabal@stc.unm.edu or 505-272-7886.

New Water Treatment Technology Is A Real Advancement for Industry from STC.UNM on Vimeo.