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Marios S. Pattichis

pattichis-spotlightMarios S. Pattichis
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
The University of New Mexico

Dr. Pattichis has disclosed seven inventions, received one issued U. S. patent, has four pending patent applications, and one option to license agreement with Vision Quest Biomedical for his digital imaging technology. Vision Quest Biomedical develops advanced medical imaging technologies for clinical applications.

Noninvasive, digital imaging is a multi-billion-dollar industry with many applications and is ubiquitous in our culture. In most contexts and applications, though, extracted image information defines the value of the tool. The better information extracted from the picture or image, the more valuable the tool. In mammography, for example, an image might reveal an abnormality yet not be able to “tell” the physician whether it is cancer or not. In such a case, further testing is required to determine the presence or absence of cancer. Dr. Pattichis and his co-inventors’ digital imaging technology uses algorithms to process a digital image or video to extract information for use as a more accurate diagnostic tool in ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and retinal imaging. Extracting information from digital images also has other applications in such diverse areas as homeland security, nanoscience research, the film industry, target identification, motion tracking, activity identification and drug and explosives detection. The technology has had success in identifying retinal abnormalities. Vision Quest is using the technology to develop its flagship product, EyeStar™, a total eye disease screening system package.

Dr. Pattichis’ research is concentrated in four broad areas: (1) mathematical and statistical representations for image and video processing; (2) biomedical and space image processing methods and applications; (3) dynamically reconfigurable systems for image processing; and (4) teaching digital image and video processing to middle school students from under-represented groups.

UNM-Affiliated Issued U. S. Patents

8,515,201 System and Methods of Amplitude-Modulation Frequency-Modulation (AM-FM)
                   Demodulation for Image and Video Processing, issued August 20, 2013

UNM-Affiliated Pending Patent Applications

System and Methods of Regularized Optimization for Matrix Factorization and Image and Video Reconstruction
System and Methods for Optimized Resource Management in a Computer System
System and Methods for Video Image Processing During Surgery
System And Methods For Fast Discrete Periodic Radon Transform