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Kateryna Artyushkova, Ph.D.

Kateryna Artyushkova, Ph.D.artyushkova
Research Associate Professor
Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Associate Director, Center for Emerging Energy Technologies
The University of New Mexico
Pajarito Powder, LLC (STC start-up)

Dr. Artyushkova has disclosed seven inventions, received one issued U. S. patent, has five pending patent applications and one license agreement with local start-up company Pajarito Powder, LLC, for a non-platinum cathode catalysts technology for fuel cells.

Dr. Artyushkova’s technologies focus on surface analysis, chemometrics, electrocatalysts, structure-to-property relationship, multivariate analysis, biofuel cells, and data fusion for material science applications. She has developed non-traditional methods of analyzing XPS spectroscopic data for extracting the most useful chemical information from XPS spectra and images relevant to surface properties of the materials. She and her co-inventors are developing non-platinum electrocatalysts, microfluidic devices for bioseparation, and enzyme biosensors. The complexity of the XPS data analysis issues involved in these types of technologies highlight the need for a universal methodology for material characterization. Acquiring spectra for a large number of chemical species from a large number of samples can result in data analysis problems unless multivariate statistical methods (MVA) are utilized. MVA can be used to assist in interpreting XPS spectra as well as in building predictive models to propose changes in material synthesis and preparation. This approach enables a detailed understanding of material structure and structure-to-property relationships needed for the synthesis of a new generation of highly efficient fuel cells, biosensors and other devices.

Dr. Artyushkova’s research interests focus on accelerating material design through statistical structure-to-property modeling; development of analytical methodologies for analysis of heterogeneous multicomponent energy-related materials; advancing new chemistries and properties of materials through multi-analytical characterization; in situ spectroscopic surface analysis of electrocatalysts and catalysts; and image processing of microscopic images for deriving characteristics relevant to morphological properties.

Issued U. S. Patent

8,045,140, Method for Multivariate Analysis of Confocal Temporal Image Sequences for Velocity Estimation, issued October 25, 2011

Pending Patent Applications

  • Cathode Catalysts for Fuel Cell Application Derived from Polymer Precursors
  • Non-PGM Cathode Catalysts for Fuel Cell Application Derived from Heat-Treated Heteroatomic Amines Precursors
  • Structured Cathode Catalysts for Fuel Cell Application Derived from Metal-Nitrogen-Carbon Precursors, Using Hierarchically Structured Silica as a Sacrificial Support
  • Cathode Catalysts for Fuel Cells
  • Silver-Based Catalyst for Organic and Inorganic Fuels