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Aaron K. Neumann, Ph.D.

neumannAaron K. Neumann, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Department of Pathology
Health Sciences
The University of New Mexico

Dr. Neumann’s current research focuses on Cell biology and signal transduction of fungal pathogen sensing via C-type lectins in dendritic cells and macrophages; Nanostructure in the fungal call walls and innate immunoreceptors with respect to its impact on the success or failure of anti-fungal immunity; Quantitative live-cell optical microscopy techniques to investigate host-microbe interactions between primary human innate immune cells and fungal pathogens; Application of light-activated conjugated polyelectrolyte antimicrobials to treat and prevent fungal infection in clinical settings such as wound care and medical device contamination; and Development of rapid, culture-free technologies for diagnosis of infectious diseases.


Method for Rapid Differential Diagnosis of Infection Using Supercritical Fluid Chromatographic Separation of Microbial Quorum Sensing Molecule
Treatment and Prevention of Fungal Infections
Rapid Culture Free Pathogen Detection Via Spectrally Resolved Fluorescence Microscopy
Rapid Culture Free Pathogen Detection via Optical Spectroscopy
Rapid, culture free Detection of Drug Resistance Characteristics by Raman and Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Methods